(And Inspect the Receipts) Nimble w/Numbers Vol. 1 Issue 2 10/29/19 As one of my many unacknowledged mentors, (fingers crossed one day he’ll be my fantasy football friend), C.D. Carter always say, “TRUST THE PROCESS!” Since my process is just in its infancy, I find it more helpful to look at the receipts. Acknowledging andContinue reading “TRUST THE PROCESS”

Nimble w/Numbers Vol.1 Issue 1  10/25/2019 A Shot in the Dark – NFL DFS Winners for Week 8 (and Origin Stories) I love football. To be more precise, I love fantasy football. To be exact, I love daily fantasy football. But it wasn’t always this way. I’ve dabbled with DFS over the last few years, butContinue reading