Hot Cash From the King of Spice

Trinkets and Baubles December is here again. With the holiday season in full swing, my family is also celebrating my in-laws’ 40th anniversary and my nephew’s birthday early in the month. That’s also the precursor to the 29th, where my sister, daughter, close friend Vince (the one who first called me Big Time), and MatthewContinue reading “Hot Cash From the King of Spice”

Hot Cash From the King of Spice

Light It Up I’m writing this on a made-up commercial holiday. Black Friday is every cliché about the American way of life, compressed into a 24-hour window the day after we’re supposed to reflect on all that we are thankful for. We are encouraged, if not urged, to spend our hard-earned and overtaxed dollars onContinue reading “Hot Cash From the King of Spice”

Hot Cash From the King of Spice

Totally Hooked Addiction runs in my family. Self-discipline does not. The preferred crutch has been alcohol, for the most part. I have been able to steer clear from letting booze control my life the way it did with my grandfather and father for most of their adult lives. I’m a nail biter. I drink wayContinue reading “Hot Cash From the King of Spice”

Hot Cash From the King of Spice

Thank a Hero I recently saw a graphic that made my eyes bulge. Since declaring independence in 1776, the United States of America has been involved in some sort of war for 229 of the 244 years (as of 2020). With war comes the need for servicemembers. Walking among us today are millions of menContinue reading “Hot Cash From the King of Spice”

Hot Cash From the King of Spice

Put a Ring on It Let me set the scene for you. It was Chico, California on a day that Californians would consider chilly (under 70 degrees). I remember the date now, but it was otherwise an anonymous Monday in November. There were still bodies in the streets around campus sleeping off their Halloween hangoversContinue reading “Hot Cash From the King of Spice”

Hot Cash From the King of Spice

All Hallow’s Eve My family goes all-out this time of year. Between flickering orange porch lights, terrifying (and motion-sensing) decorations, and elaborate costumes, Halloween is entirely off the rails at our house. It doesn’t end there, either. We also celebrate Dia de los Muertos from November 1-2, which is a special time to honor allContinue reading “Hot Cash From the King of Spice”

Hot Cash From the King of Spice

Cry-mageddon I’ve amazed myself at the staggering amount of restraint required to not post a single Adam Sandler (Uncut Gems) GIF, “This is how I win.” The tears are flowing. The deepest voices have gone shrill. Week 7 of the 2021 NFL season is “Bye-mageddon.” The waaambulance chasers are already reserving airtime. “If you orContinue reading “Hot Cash From the King of Spice”

Nimble GPP: Plays to Get You Paid

By Scott Simpson Welcome to NFL Week 7! Each week Nimble GPP will bring you the plays to get you paid for DraftKings GPP. Excited to share all my “Nimble GPP” content with you all this year. Each week I will help you build GPP lineups by providing you the building blocks at each skillContinue reading “Nimble GPP: Plays to Get You Paid”


Nimble w/Numbers Vol.1 Issue 13  1/31/2020 In the immortal words of Al Pacino’s famous character Michael Corleone in the Godfather III, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!” I’m talking of course about Super Bowl sports betting! And before you @ me, I am not alone. This year hopeful prognosticatorsContinue reading “SB54 – B-E-T-S! BETS! BETS! BETS!”

Let Them Eat Chalk!!

Nimble w/Numbers Vol.1 Issue 12  12/28/2019 Let me be up front. I love Christian McCaffery! He is the best fantasy football player not named Lamar Jackson. He is 33 points away from breaking the all-time single-season fantasy points record, which currently stands at 481.1 points by LaDainian Tomlinson in 2006. His name has been banteredContinue reading “Let Them Eat Chalk!!”

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!!

Nimble w/Numbers Vol.1 Issue 11  12/21/2019 We’ve all heard the phrase, “Put your money where you mouth is.” It’s a phrase that originated in the 1930’s as a call to support what you cared about with your money or your time. Makes sense. But given the American bent towards individualism, there’s no surprise that isContinue reading “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!!”

Show Me the Money!!!

Nimble w/Numbers Vol.1 Issue 9  12/7/2019 Show me the money! Fantasy football is the best form of sports entertainment. Full Stop. Over the last 20 years fantasy football has grown into a billion dollar industry with around 60 million people participating in 2019. There are lots of compelling reasons people are playing fantasy football, butContinue reading “Show Me the Money!!!”

Part 2: This is a Robbery!!

Nimble w/Numbers Vol.1 Issue 8  11/30/2019 Heat is one of my favorite movies. During the dramatic bank robbery scene, there is a pivotal moment when De Niro and his team exit the bank. Brandishing automatic weapons and carrying millions of dollars in huge black duffel bags, they head towards their getaway car. The camera cutsContinue reading “Part 2: This is a Robbery!!”