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Nimble w/Numbers

Vol. 1 Issue 2


As one of my many unacknowledged mentors, (fingers crossed one day he’ll be my fantasy football friend), C.D. Carter always say, “TRUST THE PROCESS!” Since my process is just in its infancy, I find it more helpful to look at the receipts. Acknowledging and reflecting on your successes and failures is important in DFS because “the data” is all right there for you to collect and analyze. The ultimate goal being, the refinement and improvement of your process each week. Here are some of the featured players that hit last week and some that look like they came straight from Min Cash Pete’s x-rated DFS “First Look” whiteboard. (If you love DFS and fantasy football, do yourself a favor and subscribe to all of his content. You will thank me later.) So here is the good, the bad and the obvious.

Best Plays of Week 8

Position Player Points Value 
QBDeShaun Watson27.763.3x
RBLatavius Murray32.25.2x
WRCooper Kupp31.54.1x
TEDarren Fells20.84.1x
DSTPatriots 214.2x

Stacking Watson and Fells was a strong play and one that I sadly only featured on a handful of my DFS entries. Like most lineups on Fanduel, the majority of my stacks had Kenny Stills (68% owned of course) and DeAndre Hopkins (9.24% owned) so there’s that. Everyone owned Latavius Murray. Liken him to the bouncer at the club. He got you in the door, but he let everyone else in as well. You still needed a super Cooper Kupp who was otherworldly and caught 220 out of the 372 passing yards that Jared Goff threw for on the afternoon. Graham Barfield from tweeted out on Monday, only Christian McCaffery, Dalvin Cook, DeShaun Watson, Michael Thomas, Lamar Jackson, Austin Ekeler and Arron Jones have out scored the Patriots DST this season. They have 169.0 points through 8 games. Pick against them at your own peril.

Worst Plays of Week 8

Position Player Points Value 
QBRussell Wilson15.681.8x
RBTy Johnson4.30.8x
WRKenny Stills3.70.6x
TEHunter Henry 6.71.0x
DSTCarolina 30.9x

And now the underperformers of the week that sunk any chances we had of grasping DFS glory. This will not be the first time you hear an DFS analyst criticize an NFL head coach (Note to self: That gives me an idea for a new weekly feature. Critical Coaching Collapses with Pete Carroll. Wait, that’s too much alliteration for fantasy football, I’ll table it.). Russell Wilson threw the ball 20 times. In the WHOLE GAME! I mean, it wasn’t the Super Bowl or anything Pete. Moving on, Ty Johnson didn’t even start the game, thanks for playing. Kenny Stills is not Will Fuller. It’s about reps and chemistry for Stills. His day will come later in the season. Don’t sleep on him like he put your cash lineup to sleep. Huntery (Hunter + Henry) had the Bears Linebackers to deal with and Keenan Allen’s presence made him a non-factor. Speaking of Carolina’s DST, I think that Tevin Coleman just scored another touchdown. The 49ers are legit. Establish the Run is real!

Top performers at each position for week 8 (w/value) on Fanduel.


Running Backs

Wide Receivers

Tight Ends


Defense and Special Teams

Perfect Lineup

One of my big takeaways is that, if you have the chalk, you better have the nuts too or your not going to win big. When Cooper Kupp and Latavius Murray are on all the winning teams, you have to back it up with a breakouts like Tevin Coleman. Shout out to Ian Hartitz (Rotoworld) who accurately predicted at least two of those touchdowns. I still believe in the importance of stacking, but it is all about the right match-up. Some of the best stacks this week were QB/RB and QB/TE. So excited to have, what all DFS players should refer to moving forward as, the “Aaron Stack” back in the Sunday main card mix. It is good to see Mike Evans is still alive. He was on all of my winning teams. Thanks for the $7.46 my man!

I’ll be back later in the week to breakdown winning Fanduel lineups from week 8 in order to help us determine what we can learn and apply to our roster construction for week 9 of DFS.

Until then, may the fantasy gods be with us all! 

Nimble w/Numbers

Each week I will be highlighting my favorite fantasy football analysts. This week’s spotlight is on Pete Overzet (Rotogrinders) and Evan Silva (Establish the Run). Give them a follow on Twitter and checkout all of their quality fantasy football content.

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