Clash of the Beards and Bellies

Week 1 After a soul-snatching season of head-to-head DFS prowess against poor Nimble in 2020, I met the man this summer. I held him close, his pupils narrowed to pinpricks and pulse fluttering like a wounded moth. I whispered into his ear a message that made his graying beard hairs stand on end. “You stillContinue reading “Clash of the Beards and Bellies”

Ask Your Doctor if Nimble GPP is Right for You – Scott

Every year at the start of the NFL season millions of Americans are diagnosed with DraftKings Deposit Dysfunction Disorder or DDDD for short. This crippling affliction impacts close to 90% of DraftKings players and can have some serious long-lasting negative side effects. “Late Swapping Syndrome”, “Tight End Punting Disease,” and “JaMarr Chasing” are all tournamentContinue reading “Ask Your Doctor if Nimble GPP is Right for You – Scott”

OMG! Look at that Ratio!

Nimble w/Numbers Vol.1 Issue 5  11/16/2019 85. That is the number of hours that I worked this week. I get paid for 40. That means that I worked for less than half price this week. As the Twitter says, “I got Ratioed!” Don’t feel too bad for me though. As I sit down to writeContinue reading “OMG! Look at that Ratio!”