Let Them Eat Chalk!!

Nimble w/Numbers

Vol.1 Issue 12 


Let me be up front. I love Christian McCaffery! He is the best fantasy football player not named Lamar Jackson. He is 33 points away from breaking the all-time single-season fantasy points record, which currently stands at 481.1 points by LaDainian Tomlinson in 2006. His name has been bantered about, though less frequently of late, in the MVP discussion. Don’t get me wrong, all the the CMC love is definitely warranted. But how does that translate to your DFS lineups in week 17? He is going to be one of the chalkiest plays on the slate. I even heard one FF analyst (Scott Barrett) say that you should have 100% CMC in your DFS week 17 lineups. I understand eating the chalk, but at $11,000 I feel that there is more value to be had at RB and say, let them eat chalk, while we look for value at RB and WR to offset the heavy CMC ownership. Marlon Mack, Aaron Jones and Miles Sanders are all mid-priced RBs with favorable match-ups who have the potential to find the endzone and eclipse the 20 point mark. Cramming CMC into your lineup also makes it harder to jam in stud WRs. AJ Brown and Julio Jones only trail Michael Thomas (25.1) over the last three weeks, averaging 22.4 and 20.9 PPG respectively. Dallas Goedert is the new Zack Ertz without a Dallas Goedert around to steal targets, because he is Dallas Goedert.

Photo Credit: USA Today

This week I entered 180 DFS contests. I am sure that I will make slight adjustments before kick-off on Sunday, but here are my current player percentages for each position.

I wish you all the best in week 17!

May the fantasy gods be with us all! 

Nimble w/Numbers

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